The Ultimate Photography experience

PhotographyWouldn’t we all love to capture the best moment into memories? Our life is full of good and bad experiences. but, there are experiences, which we always long to cherish. A mere thought of it brings a smile on our face. We are social animals and are a part of a world that constantly requires socialization. Be it our bonding with our loved ones or celebrating an occasion or being together, we constantly are in touch with humans. We cannot remain secluded for long. Guess what keeps us bounded apart from love? Photos! isn’t it?

We cannot go back in time and live those moments again. But, we definitely can capture the moments and revive the good old feeling whenever we want. Photos are the best ways to keep your memories alive. All you need is a good camera, a good pose and of course a good photographer. There are amateur photographers who can click regular pictures. But, you would definitely need a professional photographer to click the emotions.

Doxica Productions is a team of award winning artists who are specialized in photography, shoots, designs and lots more. It is just not “cheese” that works for all the clicks, you need a lot more apart from that. Yes, the technical education to add life to the shoots. Our photographers are skilled and has the creative power to get the best out of the person or place. Our wedding photographers will ensure that you get the stunning pictures of your marriage such that whenever you look at it, you would get a feel it. Some moments are just meant to be captured forever, and our team does justice with it.

Want a family portrait that remains the same throughout your life? Yes, you will have physical changes as time passess, but not the bond that you share with each other. Our skilled people reflects that bonding through your portrait. We are worth your memories. We take multiple shots till our clients’ are completely happy with it. We are friendly with our clients’ and their comfort zone is prime to us. Want a best shot of your infant that just not adores your wall, but also your life? Let our photographers take the charge and we are sure you will never regret it.

Doxica Productions also specializes in real life videography where a single shoot can capture your entire property. We are high with our quality and low with our prices. We compete with ideas and not with money. We also have solutions for your commercials. If you closely watch the commercials, you will experience the bad sound, quality errors and low content. Such commercials takes away the interest of the consumers and there is no looking back. Our creative team reads the consumers mind and brings it in the form of commercials. It is one time cost and thus the best is filmed by our artists. Our work defines our passion and love towards what we do.

We also rent studios to the photographers who do not own a studio. Our studio is sound insulated. We offer hourly as well as daily rentals and trust us, our charges are very nominal. Doxica Productions has created a niche in the world of photography by delivering award winning photographs and shots.


What are the reasons to opt for company logo design?

Logo DesignDo you want to get yourself a company logo design? Want to reinvent the future of your company with this? Thinking about establishing a new brand image with this new logo? Well, you seem to be on the right track.

A logo for a company not only attracts new customers, but it also establishes your business in the outside world as a brand. It emphasises on the services and the products you sell as a brand which helps you to grow your business successfully. However, if you are still doubting it and thinking whether you should hire a designer or not here’s why you should go for it.

Brand recognition

One of the many things that a company logo design emphasizes on is the brand recognition and the brand image.

It helps you to establish an image of your company that you want to be recognized for by the customers.

The logo states the motto that your company will be following and it is also responsible for the services that you provide.

Thus, a logo helps you to achieve a status in the marketing without which there will be no one going for your services or products.


Another reason to opt for a logo is because of the sense of individuality that it imparts to your company. It depicts how it is different from the other companies in the same business and gives you considerable amount of edge over your competitors. Moreover, it states how you run your business and how you interact with your customers.

Gaining the trust of customers

When you put out a logo of your company out there, it literally becomes the face of your company and something which the customers can rely on and trust. Without a logo, it is like trusting a faceless man, and nobody wants to that.

Thus, it is essential to opt for a company logo design that portrays your business skills and makes the customers want to trust your company. Thus, in a way, it is like establishing an image of the company, rather a very trusting one with which it can incite new customers and keep the old ones.


Putting out a company logo is almost like advertising but over here you are advertising you company. It states what your company is like and exactly what it deals with and how it deals with so that the customers can come to trust it eventually. It also portrays the way you do your business and what is it that makes you different rom your competitors.

Supporting your business idea

When you choose a logo for your company, it resembles your business ideas. A logo helps you to establish yourself as a business authority and this is what customers flock to. This also helps you to increase your prospective client base if you logo is memorable as it helps to spread the word around.

Thus, opting for a company logo design that defines your business strategy and your company helps you to establish yourself as a grand that people can trust and rely upon which in long term helps you to grow your business. So, go ahead and invest in a logo now and see the results for yourself.


The Return Of I’ll Say She Is, The Lost Marx Brothers Musical

MusicalThis is a show about the thrill of love.

I’ve been in love with the Marx Brothers for my entire life, if not longer. And of all the achievements of this greatest of all comedy acts, what’s always fascinated me the most is their Broadway period. In the 1920s, before they made the films which are their principal legacy, Groucho, Harpo, Chico, and Zeppo Marx were the stars of three hugely successful Broadway musicals. Two of these, The Cocoanuts and Animal Crackers, are beloved classics today — known through the Brothers’ immortal film versions, and numerous recent stage revivals. But the Brothers’ first masterpiece, their 1924 Broadway debut I’ll Say She Is, was never filmed or revived. The Marx Brothers performed in it from 1923 to 1925, and then it was lost to history. So I’ll Say She Is has always intrigued me the most. Its opening night at Broadway’s long-lost Casino Theatre — May 19, 1924 — has always topped my time travel wish-list.

My work in the theatre, as writer and performer, has usually been influenced by the Marx Brothers — sometimes explicitly, as in my many performances as Groucho. But in 2009 I embarked on the Marx Brothers theatrical project of a lifetime: The first-ever revival of I’ll Say She Is.

I spent six years arduously researching the show, and managed to unearth a great deal of the original score and libretto, including a good deal of material not previously known. I searched newspaper, magazine, and sheet music archives; libraries and private collections; I consulted the recollections of people who were involved with the original production, and their descendants.

My dream of a restored I’ll Say She Is began to come true on the 90th anniversary of the original Broadway premiere. In May of 2014 at Marxfest, New York City’s Marx Brothers festival, my adaptation had its debut in the form of two staged readings. The work was then seen in five highly-acclaimed, sold-out performances in the 2014 New York International Fringe Festival, produced by Trav S.D. Fans from around the world came to witness the return of, in Trav’s words, “one of the Holy Grails of classic comedy.”

Now we’re getting ready to do it again, on a larger scale. At New York’s beautiful Connelly Theater, I’ll Say She Is returns, May 28 – July 2, 2016. This production will be the first fully-realized I’ll Say She Is since the original production closed — a summoning of the spirits of the Marx Brothers, and a spectacular recreation of a night on Broadway in the 1920s.

Like our successes at Marxfest and FringeNYC, this independent, fan-driven, non-profit production will only be possible thanks to the friends, supporters, and producers of the Lost Marx Brothers Musical. If you’d like to see this comedy legend back on stage where it belongs, please consider joining us by making a tax-deductible donation, or by sharing this information with people you know. At illsaysheis.com, you can read all about the show, watch videos, and join our mailing list. And should you feel the urge to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, far be it from me to discourage you.


Prince Edward Theatre London

TheatreCatch the blockbuster London show, Miss Saigon at the magnificent Prince Edward Theatre! The stunning theatre is positioned at 28 Old Compton Street, London, W1D. Positioned in the busy area of Soho on Old Compton Street, the theatre is located near some of the most popular tourist spots like Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus and Covent Garden. The magnificent theatre is located at an easily accessible location and can be commuted via various modes of commutations such as buses, tubes, taxis and cars.

The nearest tube station to the Leicester Square is either Piccadilly or Northern Lines, whereas you can also enjoy visit through bus route numbers 14, 19 and 38. The theatre has an astounding occupancy of 1618 and spread across three levels as Stalls, Dress Circle and Upper Circle. Enjoy some great viewing from the Stall section of the theatre.

For disabled patrons and carers, theatre offers discounted tickets. The auditorium is equipped with an infra-red system. In the year 1930, Prince Edward Theatre made its debut and was designed the architect Edward Stone. The Grade II listed building has hosted some of the blockbuster productions such as Evita, Crazy for You, Some like It Hot and West Side Story, whereas the juke box musical Jersey Boys ran for almost 6 years.

For those who are looking for a memorable time with loved ones then you must head towards Prince Edward Theatre London! You can book online tickets now and avail an exciting discount package of 70%. We offer safe and secure booking with seat allocation made before the payment done. All booking will be done from the official STAR agent Websites.

Miss Saigon is currently running with packed houses at the magnificent Prince Edward Theatre! The two hours and forty five minutes show is recommended for 12+ kids. Aladdin is all set to make its debut in the Prince Edward Theatre.

So what are you waiting for? Book your online advance Aladdin Theatre Tickets and have a remarkable experience. Make this weekend a memorable time with your near and dear ones by heading towards Prince Edward Theatre London!

The original production of Miss Saigon ran with 4000 performances and made its debut in the year 1989. It was directed by Nicholas Hytner and renowned for its outstanding size and scale. The two hours and forty five minutes show is a must watch for the theatre lovers. The show is recommended for 12+ kids.

For those who are looking for a memorable time with loved ones then you must head towards Prince Edward Theatre London! You can book online tickets now and avail an exciting discount package of 70%. We offer safe and secure booking with seat allocation made before the payment done. All booking will be done from the official STAR agent Websites.

So, hurry buy your Prince Edward Theatre tickets now and have a memorable experience! So what are you waiting for? Book your online advance Miss Saigon Theatre Tickets and have a remarkable experience. Make this weekend a memorable time with your near and dear ones by heading towards Prince Edward Theatre London! If you are looking for a great weekend then get set for mesmerizing London show, Miss Saigon with your dear ones and have a remarkable time.


Develop your acting skills by joining the drama classes

Drama is the mode of narrative fiction which is represented by way of a performance. Previously drama was only enacted in the theatre by the actors on the stage and in front of the audience. The act is often accompanied by music and dance since some dreams are meant to be read or improvised. Everything is carried out through the script which is produced in front of the audience. The trend of acting in front of audience is becoming increasingly popular such that individuals join the drama group and classes to enhance their talent in acting. Drama is the only way through which a person can be anyone. The very task of the play is to capture the exact essence of the culture which is shown through it. Drama projects the opinions and attitudes of the day or certain age.

Hone the acting skills

By joining the group of dramatists, improvisation skills get honed. It is the response to the new and unexpected situation. We learn how to respond in life when unexpected events happen.

The cooperative act of performance

In drama, the participants are asked to take part in the group work or activity. You can explore the relation both on and off the stage. The participant learns the communication skills and it also allows him/her to make new friends.

The great influence in human lives

Drama casts a great influence in the lives of human beings. On the stage, one experiences real life drama in the form of personal experience as was seen in some news or current affairs. Even while watching television, one is exposed to fictional drama. Simply by studying the impact of drama in the culture, you tend to examine whatever is shown in the news more critically and objectively. One can distinguish between the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ drama.

Attaining a sense of purpose

The play group helps you realize the purpose in life. You get to see your aim and the ways of attaining the aim. By engaging in the activity you love, you tend to become motivated and this takes you towards success.

Building up self-esteem and developing the acting skills

Within the play group, you notice several people acting and you tend to acquire their acting skills as well. The same role is practiced again and again and this way you tend to build up confidence and a tremendous self-esteem.

The drama group offers a lot many personal benefits as well. It develops the interpersonal skills and gives the confidence of speaking in public. You will learn the art of physical presentation and how that presentation influences the opinion of others will be known. By practicing acting, one learns how to react in the real life drama and gets to know about the life occurrences.

You need to do a little research to get the best group for drama. There are some reputed dances classes having very good group for drama.

Why Plant-Based Ingredients Are Safer Than Animal Products

It seems that every few months there is a health problem surrounding one animal product or another. News stories announce a bird flu, an outbreak of a contaminant, tainted beef, or a recall on frozen meatballs. People going to this news site, or that news site, read articles or see videos explaining how many people … Continue reading “Why Plant-Based Ingredients Are Safer Than Animal Products”

It seems that every few months there is a health problem surrounding one animal product or another. News stories announce a bird flu, an outbreak of a contaminant, tainted beef, or a recall on frozen meatballs. People going to this news site, or that news site, read articles or see videos explaining how many people have died and how many are sick from the latest animal product issue. The risk appears to be increasing at an alarming rate. There is no one reason for all the specific problems, but there are commonalities that affect animal products.

The first thing to keep in mind is that a disease or bacteria in an animal may not be apparent before it is slaughtered, or before eggs are collected. Unless the animal dies, no one sees that there is a problem. Plant-based ingredients are safer because if there is something wrong with a crop, it usually fails and cannot be harvested. The loss is immediate. It is a big loss that drives up produce prices, and places small farmers at risk of bankruptcy, but people do not have to die before the problem is noticed.

Another commonality is that there are so many steps required to process animal products. There are several times the product is exposed to possible contaminants before it arrives at the market. Slaughter houses have blades, machinery, assembly lines, and workers that can all introduce bacteria. Then the meat is shipped. If the refrigeration temperature is wrong on the truck, or boat, or train, the product can begin to grow bacteria, or be exposed to other contaminants. Then there is the processing plant. More workers, more machinery, artificial ingredients and preservatives are added, and more open air assembly lines. The packaging area is another risk, and then more shipping to reach stores.

Plant-based ingredients are harvested, processed, blended, packaged, and shipped. There is risk of exposure to bacteria in all those places, but the ingredients are still safer for a few reasons. a lot of plant-based ingredients are dried, or turned to powder or meal. That drastically reduces the moisture content, which means there is less of a risk of mold or bacteria growth. Most do not require the addition of artificial ingredients or preservatives during processing, so there is less chance of cross contamination. There is risk with any foods ingested, but it is rare that plant-based ingredients cause illnesses or deaths.

What Consumers Need to Know About Hampton Creek and Its Merchandise

A lot of people decided to try out Just Mayo, an item supplied by Hampton Creek, as they quite simply wanted a substitute for the standard egg-based mayo products, and they quickly loved it. This spread supplies the same flavor and also feel as mayonnaise, however it is produced with a plant-based protein. Vegans as well as those sensitive to eggs now have a completely new choice when it relates to their particular sandwich spreads. The company is expanding and providing a unique collection of items, such as muffins, brownies, pancake mix, salad dressing and even more and definitely will complement the Just Mayo series of goods as well as the Just Cookie Dough collection which are presently easily obtainable. Because these brand new products are going to be made available within Walmart and Target retailers across the country, far more buyers will be able to pick up wholesome, plant-based food products any time they wish to. Many have become aware of Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo and their other items after the company was in fact sued by Unilever, the manufacturer of Hellmann’s, for false advertising. This company stated the product couldn’t be called mayonnaise, as the term conventional mayonnaise reports a regular ingredient is eggs, and the Just Mayo merchandise doesn’t make use of this substance. When new details emgered relating to this suit, quite a few consumers discovered this revolutionary product and exactly how the item is distinct from others available today. The thing that makes the complete collection of goods stick out is because they take conventional elements, not only eggs, and find a way to exchange these substances with healthy proteins that are plant centered. As an example, the vinaigrette supplied by the business was created during the assessment of stabilizing items as well as emulsions, however won’t contain any sort of eggs. The Just Cookie dough also lacks any eggs, so it can be ingested raw plus customers do not have to worry about damaging their health. Less sugar is used in these items furthermore, since the sugar is actually replaced with sorghum that’s sweeter, therefore less sugar is needed. If you are concerned with the things they put in their body, these products are sure to turn out to be enjoyed. If you aren’t acquainted with Hampton Creek along with what it provides, view this page online here. You could simply discover a new item you love and would like to make full use of regularly.

Ready for Anything: Reasons to Keep Cake Products on Hand

Just about everybody likes cake, and the ability to prepare one quickly comes in handy in a number of situations. In order to be prepared for just about anything, it pays to keep cake products from Hampton Creek on hand. Here are some examples of when reaching into the pantry and making a cake will be exactly what the individual wants to do.

Company is Coming

Old friends who have not been around for a long time are coming by in a couple of hours. While the house looks great, there’s not much in the way of something to serve during the visit. If there are products on hand to mix up a cake and some frosting without a lot of trouble, dessert with a little wine will be ready before the guests ring the doorbell. As a bonus, the house will have the aroma of a recently baked cake, something that will make it even more welcoming.

End of the Week Treat

Work this week was rough, and it would be nice to have something as a reward for making all the way through without saying or doing something that would be regretted later. Since the local pizza place has awful desserts, reach into the pantry and pull out a healthy mix. Enjoy a quick shower while the cake is baking, and settle in for a nice drink while it cools on the rack. By the time a favorite television show comes on, the cake will be ready to slice and enjoy.

Comfort for a Friend

A friend recently lost a loved one and quite a few relatives are coming in from out of town. Not having to worry about how to feed all those people will alleviate a lot of stress. Along with some other types of foods for meals, bake a cake for the friend. The gesture will be greatly appreciated during this time of transition and remembered fondly in the days to come.

Of course, there does not have to be a compelling reason to keep cake products on hand. The fact that they are there for use whenever the mood strikes is reason enough. Invest in a few essentials and grab a recipe or two for those moments when something a little extra would be nice. Whether alone or with friends, a slice of cake is always welcome.

Strengths of Employing Green Tea Tree Oil

Regarding years, men and women have applied tea forest oil for you to help using skin health conditions from pimples to psoriasis. However their advantages may end generally there; find out and about even far more reasons exactly why tea shrub oil is deserving of a long lasting spot inside your drugs cabinet. When you’re seeking for some sort of home treatment for pimples, a a few percent remedy of green tea tree necessary oil works only as effectively as the particular leading acne solution, according to be able to Australian scientists studying their own native reference. Dilute any few declines of herbal tea tree necessary oil with something like 20 to 45 drops associated with witch hazel, and use to epidermis once or perhaps twice any day using a silk cotton swab. Become careful in order to not unnecessary use it: when gentler compared to benzoyl peroxide, this tea forest oil can easily dry out and about your pores and skin, triggering your current body in order to overproduce it is own skin oils and create your pimples worse. In case you utilize it in order to your confront, stay out and about of typically the sun-tea forest oil could make a person more very sensitive to UV rays. For new information, just click here.

With regard to normal to be able to dry skin area, try mixing up 1/4 pot canola necessary oil with ten drops associated with tea shrub oil within a 4-ounce sterilized a glass jar along with a tight lid and also shake until eventually blended. Shop in the cool, darker place. To be able to use, cover a 100 % cotton ball along with this product and attract over your own face to be able to remove cosmetics. Rinse properly with hot water along with follow along with a toner.

Good News In Fortune Article on Hampton Creek

According to a Fortune article on hampton creek, the Compass Group has selected Hampton Creek to supply all of its dressings and baking mixes. This is a major coup for Hampton Creek, since the Compass Group is one of the largest U.S. food suppliers. Hampton Creek’s products will be replacing those of a more famous unnamed brand. Thanks to this new development, Hampton Creek’s products will be far more visible on retailers’ shelves and in restaurants.

Its relationship with the Compass Group is furthering the company’s aim to change the way the world produces food. Hampton Creek’s philosophy is that the food we eat should be healthy for our bodies and also for the planet.

Hampton Creek founders, Josh Balk and Joshua Tetrick, believe that egg production is not a sustainable practice because of the fossil fuels, water, and land that are consumed. Furthermore, the practice of poultry farming pollutes the environment in the chicken manure and carcasses that contaminate soil and water.

Consequently, the company is reinventing some familiar foods by replacing eggs with plant-based ingredients that come from a wide variety of plant proteins. In researching and testing plants, they are amassing an extremely large database.

One of the most well-known results of the company’s research is an egg-free, vegan dressing called “Just Mayo.” The company also makes egg-free cookie dough (Just Cookie Dough) and Just Cookies. In addition to the Compass Group, retailers like Whole Foods Market, Costco, Walmart, and Kroger sell Hampton Creek products.

Not surprisingly there is some backlash from companies that sell traditional mayonnaise. Hellman’s parent company Unilever, for example, sued Hampton Creek for false advertising. By using the word “Mayo,” according to the lawsuit, the company is claiming that the product is a true mayonnaise, a product defined as containing eggs.

The egg industry is also threatened by Hampton Creek’s success. This became evident when the American Egg board attempted to have the product taken out of Whole Foods Market. Tetrick intends to speak with the FDA and explain the company’s philosophy.

Hampton Creek is not only interested in egg-substitutes. In the future, the company plans to replace many other unhealthy or unsustainably produced or processed ingredients such as such as sugar and trans fats.